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Appointments are conducted in person or via telehealth depending on client preference. Meetings with schools and school observations are conducted based on individual schools' policies regarding visitors.

Most appointments can be scheduled within two to three weeks. As always our therapy dog, Luna, is present when it is appropriate and requested. 

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The decision to pursue an evaluation can be a challenge. Children and adults mature and learn at different paces. However, if you notice that your child is struggling, or have received this feedback from a teacher or other professional, it may be time to find out if there is indeed something going on.

We are committed to providing the highest quality and research-based evaluations to investigate the whole person. Evaluations focus on cognitive, academic, social, behavioral, and emotional factors to investigate strengths, weaknesses, and to provide suggestions for improvement and intervention if needed. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet your family’s unique and specific needs, including psychoeducational evaluations (learning disabilities, attention issues, extended time on exams or standardized tests), developmental evaluations, autism spectrum evaluations, and personality and gifted testing. Invoices can be provided for families to submit an out-of-network claim to their insurance company after services are rendered. 

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The decision to pursue therapy is many times a difficult one to make. You may think that your child is just going through a phase, that your teenager is maturing at a different pace than other adolescents, or that things will improve without any intervention.  If, after some time, you still feel that things are not improving or developing according to expectations, or if teachers or other professionals tell you something that validates your feelings, it may be time to seek intervention. Dr. Cassel typically treats children and families with a variety of different difficulties; such as issues with attention, behavior, depression, anxiety, school refusal, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Parents are almost always included in sessions, particularly for younger children. Consultation with other professionals, such as psychiatrists or other therapists, is recommended to ensure continuity of care.  Invoices can be provided for families to submit an out-of-network claim to their insurance company after services are rendered.

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Some clients may benefit from working in groups with others who have similar difficulties in order to target areas of growth. Some sessions are conducted with Luna, our therapy dog. Past groups have focused on social skills, parenting issues or difficulties, executive functioning, bullying, nutrition and health, mindfulness, anxiety, and relationship groups. Most groups meet in person with the exception of parenting groups which are conducted in person or via telehealth.

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School consultation sessions focus on selecting the appropriate school for you or your child, as well as working with teachers and educators to inform them about the challenges faced by an individual. Meetings typically take place in the morning before school or after school, as that is when teachers tend to be most available. These services are sometimes offered in conjunction with evaluations or psychoeducational testing.

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